Plumbing & Gas Heating Repair and Service

Providing repair services quickly and efficiently is the most important part of any service industry, especially when it means fixing a gas heating system on a cold winter night or stopping a water leak that could cause structural damage to a home. Excelsior P&H, Inc. offers 24 Hour / 7 Day emergency service repair. When you are troubled by dripping faucets or clogged drains, frozen water pipes or clogged sewer lines, give us a call and our services mechanics will solve your problems in a prompt and courteous manner. Our service teams are ready to help you through the cold winter months ahead. 
At Excelsior P&H, Inc. our service mechanics have the technical training to provide all phases of water line and waste line plumbing for any size project using the most modern techniques and materials. East End Gas Services, Inc., our gas installation division, specializes in gas powered heating system installations, including conversions from oil to natural gas or LP (propane) gas heating systems. East End Gas Services, Inc. coordinates with National Grid in all phases of the natural gas conversion process.

Installations and Conversions


If you wish to upgrade to a smart thermostat, or replace old kitchen and bath fixtures with something more modern, we can recommend and install them. A new gas furnace or gas boiler can provide you with more efficient and economical heat. Installation of a new gas tankless on demand water heater can give you continuous hot water and save on energy costs. Our professionals can provide full service recommendations, installations, and maintenance for your plumbing and heating system.